Challenge your visual perceptual skills with this award winning game great for ages 7+ and one or more players

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scooter board

Scooter board

A great way to keep your kids busy and active indoors. Incorporate it in to an obstacle course or fun games to enhance learning.

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sensory swing

Sensory Swing

Sensory swings give children a sense of calmness and help block out unwanted sensory stimulation as it comforts and swaddles them.

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Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

Stretch it, bounce it, pop it, tear it, and sculpt it! Hide coins in it and have fun taking turns to dig them out.

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Why is my Kid Doing That? - Book

Why is My Kid Doing That?

In Why is My Kid Doing That? you will learn that the answer is often found when we peel back the layers and take a closer look at the child’s sensory system.

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