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exceptional parenting podcast

Exceptional Parenting Podcast

The vestibular system plays a big role in behavior and a child's ability to attend.  Listen as Wendy Bertagnole and I dig deep in to the vestibular system. Sensory Series: Vestibular Sense - Exceptional Parenting Podcast- A Simple and Positive...
charlotte parent

Charlotte Parent

Discover tips and tricks to help your child focus during homework or remote learning. Why Can't My Child Focus?- Charlotte Parent  
happier by the minute

Happier by the Minute

Stacy Yates Sellar and I discuss the following: An explanation of sensory integration in layman’s terms The reason why fears, meltdowns, anxiety, and difficulty with transitions can be rooted in the sensory system Ways to create a sensory lifestyle for...
3 tips to develop good handwriting

3 Tips to Help Children Develop Good Handwriting

Discover 3 tips to that are foundational for helping your child or students to develop good handwriting including how to promote proper pencil grip and the skills needed for a mature pencil grip.  
Fox News Charlotte - GoodDay Charlotte - Cindy Utzinger

Fox News Charlotte

Cindy talks with GoodDay Charlotte and gives parents a little help on homeschooling.   View Video on Fox New Charlotte
charlotte parent why is my kid

Charlotte Parent

Learn about how many behaviors we see in our children are rooted in the sensory system as I kick off a new series in Charlotte Parent magazine.   Why Is My Kid Doing That? - Charlotte Parent  
Currents Magazine - Learning to Move, Moving to Learn - Cindy Utzinger

Currents Magazine

Learning to Move, Moving to Learn (page 42 and 43) Read Currents Magazine Article

Lake Norman Talk

In this episode author and licensed Occupational Therapist Cindy Utzinger introduces her practice of helping families and her new book Why is My Kid Doing That? Listen to Cindy on Lake Norman Talk Podcast
Momosas Podcast - Cindyy Utzinger

Momosas Podcast

In this podcast, Kristen and Talia picked Cindy’s brain on topics such as right brain left brain connection, the importance of having a dominant hand, how children get their needs met through physical play, and so much more. Visit the...
Exceptional Paranting Podcast - Cindy Utzinger

Exceptional Parenting Podcast

Along with host Wendy Bertagnole, Cindy answers some of the most common questions about the link between sensory and behavior…not just for kids with a diagnosis, but for ALL kids. Listen on the Exceptional Parenting Podcast website.  
Paranting for our Future Podcast - Cindy Utzinger

Parenting for Our Future Podcast

During her discussion with parent coach Robbin Mc Manne, Cindy provides an understanding of what a sensory lifestyle is and how it can help your child.   Listen to the Podcast in iTunes & Apple Podcasts