I want you to be empowered to handle the challenges your children present you with and know that you have the tools to help them!


Like many parents, Cindy has asked herself "Why?" more than a few times as a mother. As an Occupational Therapist, Cindy has worked with children, their families, educators, and counselors for over 20 years to help them breathe that sigh of relief that comes from gaining understanding. Understanding that our children act the way they do, not because they are bad kids, but because their sensory system is immature. 

Understanding that when their skills appear to be lagging behind their peers that the sensory system is often at the root. Understanding that there's hope and it's not hard or expensive to help.

Cindy's passion is working with educators to help them see their students' behavior through a sensory lens. To share with them tools to keep peace in the classroom, foster confidence and success in their students, and understand the sensory foundation as it pertains to learning.

Cindy has helped parents to have light bulb moments through one-on-one work and speaking to groups of moms and dads. She often hears "If only I would have known!" at that moment when a mom or dad makes sense of what they have been seeing in their child and gains a sense of hope!

Cindy helped my son get through his homework for the first time without crying and fighting.  The strategies Cindy gave us not only improved my relationship with my son but improved my relationship with my husband and entire family because there has been less struggle and conflict.  We now have the tools to handle situations as they come up, understand the reason behind his behaviors, and get through situations that used to be stressful with much more peace.

Jill Alkins, RN

Speaking Topics Include

The sensory system explained

Does my child need a diagnosis?

The immature sensory system

Is it behavioral or sensory?

Why can other kids ____ and my kid can't?

Tools to help and why it works?

Why our kids can't sit still

The importance of tummy time

Strategies to make homework time more peaceful

Strategies to keep our kids from getting over-stimulated