They say you're only as happy as your least happy child. Let's bring peace and happiness back to your family.

Work With Me

Let's find the "Why?" and the "What?" for your child.

If there is one phrase from my childhood that my dad used to say over and over, it's this: "There is no handbook for parenting, Cindy. Your mom and I are just learning as we go." Well, there isn't a handbook or recipe that is right for each child, but I'd love to help you figure out the right recipe for your child.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and need someone to be by your side to help walk you through this, I'd love to help. Together we will determine what is going on behind the scenes with your child's sensory system and what tools and support will best help him/her. 

How it works.

Set up a free 15-minute phone consultation.

If we determine that I can be of help to your child and your family, we will then set up a 45-minute phone session.  During our session, we will:

  • Work to uncover the why
  • Determine if a consultation with a professional in your area would be beneficial
  • Discuss ways to incorporate a sensory lifestyle into your busy life
  • Discuss strategies to use in the classroom
  • Discuss strategies to use to make homework time, meal time, transitions, etc. less stressful

Follow-up sessions can be scheduled as needed with the cost of a 45-minute session being $60.


We were introduced to Cindy Utzinger through a friend referral.  Our son was having issues focusing in school, difficulty with sports, and generally clumsy.  We knew he was struggling but could not find a solution to help him. We will be forever thankful that we found Cindy.  She was able to assess our son's vision issues and help with occupational therapy. Within one month, his teacher could tell a very noticeable difference.  He was also no longer clumsy, nor did he trip or knock over things by accident. Her ability to build his strength both mentally and physically was astounding.  Cindy also gained our respect when she referred out part of his treatment. She was very knowledgeable regarding the landscape of professionals in the area and connected us with the best fit we could ask for.  She healed our son with occupational therapy, but her kindness mended his soul. We missed her so much that we bought our youngest son to her as well. He was struggling with handwriting. Our boys have very different personalities and learning styles.  Once again Cindy was able to work with his gross motor skills and encourage him in the best, unique way for him. Cindy was able to communicate and encourage each of our boys very differently, in the way that they both learned and grew so quickly. Cindy has been such a wonderful asset to our family.

- Jana Wright


Our daughter was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and it was paralyzing to our entire family. There were days we couldn't leave the house because she wouldn't get dressed. Cindy taught us the skills how we could work together to manage her struggles.  Cindy has the most wonderful way of pushing children to overcome their issues and comfort them when they need assurance.

- V.R.


Many of us experience the challenges that a traditional school day poses for a child with sensory integration issues.  Cindy was instrumental in helping us learn tools and strategies that we could use at home to help our son with his sensory concerns.  Just as important, we learned what he needed in order to recharge and settle himself after a long day at school.  I learned a lot from Cindy about how to help him help himself.

- Marcie DeMore