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Why is my Kid Doing That? - Book

Why is My Kid Doing That?

In Why is My Kid Doing That? you will learn that the answer is often found when we peel back the layers and take a closer look at the child’s sensory system.

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chair bands

Chair Bands

Chair bands are an affordable option for kids who need to wiggle while they sit. Slip band around the legs of the chair or desk so kids can fidget with it kicking against it with their feet to help with focus and attention.

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Flipside is a fast-paced puzzle game that encourages visual processing skills and processing speed and is a great game to take on the go.

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rubik's race

Rubik’s Race

Rubik's Race game challenges 2 players to race to match patterns with your tiles encouraging visual processing, and visual perceptual skills. I love to buy this game as a gift for kids' brithday parties.

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A lightning fast card came for two players, this game promotes quick visual processing and fine motor skills as you match cards based on count, color, or shape.

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shut the box

Shut the Box

One of our family's favorites, Shut the Box encourages quick thinking skills and fast math facts.

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quick cups

Quick Cups

A fast paced game that encourages visual processing and visual motor skills and encourages processing speed.

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thumbs up

Thumbs Up

Thumbs up is a fun, award winning, fast paced game that encourages fine motor skills.

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weighted blanket

Weighted Blanket

Please select a blanket based on 10% of your child's body weight plus then add one pound. Weighted blankets provide deep pressure input which is calming to provide for a better night's sleep or any other time when calming input is desired.

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Hammocks make for a great alternative to a desk and chair for learning and reading. Use outdoors or indoors, hammocks provide sensory input that is both relaxing and gets the mind organized for emotional regulation and to enhance focus.

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pod swing

Pod Swing

Great for indoor or outdoor use, the pod swing gives children a peaceful and warm place to play, and provide soothing sensations that can help them with sensory regulation and relaxation.,

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Watch, remember, and repeat! Simon is a great game for processing speed, visual memory, and auditory memory.

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