Our children need a sensory lifestyle; meaning days enriched with opportunities to get sensory input. This is not only fun for them but is a valuable component of healthy development. We can do this by having games, toys, and activities at their fingertips that provide sensory input while also serving to strengthen their motor, cognitive, and visual skills. As an Amazon affiliate, I am excited to share my favorites and an easy way to purchase.

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pod swing

Pod Swing

Great for indoor or outdoor use, the pod swing gives children a peaceful and warm place to play, and provide soothing sensations that can help them with sensory regulation and relaxation.,

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Watch, remember, and repeat! Simon is a great game for processing speed, visual memory, and auditory memory.

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This is seriously every kids favorite game! A great STEM game to develop critical thinking skills such as reasoning and planning along with visual perceptual skills.

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Squishy, squashy playfoam is great tactile sensory fun that never dries out and doesn't make a mess.

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kinetic sand

Kinetic Sand

Magic sand that sticks to itself and not to you! Moldable sensory play sand for tactile, fine motor, and imaginative play.

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perler beads

Perler Beads

Comes with an assortment of fun colors and ironing papers to make for a fun and imaginative fine motor activity.

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water beads

Water Beads

Soak the beads in water and watch them grow. Makes fine motor and tactile play loads of fun.

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spot it jr

Spot It Jr.

A fast paced action game that works on symbol recognition, visual processing, and visual perceptual skills. Easy to travel with to play on the go.

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An award winning dice game that encourages fast reactions, works on visual perceptual skills, and is super easy to learn and easy to travel with..

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punch balloons

Punch Balloons

Independently work on eye hand coordination, ocular motor skills, rhythm and timing.

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bucket stilts

Bucket Stilts

A fun way to help develop gross motor skills, enhance coordination, balance, and body awareness.

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balance board

Balance Board

Rock it, roll it, sit, or stand. Balance boards are great for challenging balance and giving sensory input. Allow kids to stand on it while doing schoolwork as an alternative to sitting.

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